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20TH - 22ND JUNE 2019

PV: 20TH JUNE 6.30PM

Excercises in Artistic Reproduction

For the Many is a large scale show of multiples and editions. Showcasing artists and practicioners in a reproducable, idiosyncratic format.

Do We Battle

These Binary Spirits

18TH - 20TH JULY 2019

PV: 18TH JULY 6.30PM

The Digital & The Occult

Prometheus’ fire now illuminates knowledge in the light of pixels and PDFs.  What does this mean for our echoing folklore, our esoteric histories that seem to emerge at every opportunity. How will the occult, our aeon old hidden knowledge develop alongside our ever increasing digital experience? Who is

to take up the mantle of the bogey man for the two girls one cup generation? 

dead happy

29TH - 30TH AUG 2019

PV: 29TH AUG 6.30PM

Thomas James

A surreal and beautifully scathing selection of films and mono prints
that hold an unflattering mirror image to a vain world. Dead Happy blends speculative narratives and the absurd, creating stories and
exercises in the sublime and the grotesque.


19TH - 20TH SEP 2019

PV: 19TH SEP 6.30PM

Speculative Soundscapes of Devolution

Cosmic Reveries of A Tomorrow opens the eyes of its viewer to a civilisation unknown, following planet Earths decision to devolve mankind. In an exhibition inclusive of commissioned soundscapes, spoken word, video montage and sculpture, The Chopping Block puts forward an imagined narrative that looks towards Gaian science as a contention upon our own existence, and its future. 

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